The GTIYO Pre-Junior Ensemble was founded in the fall of 2016 under the direction of Mr. David Oliver and Mr. Yang Kun Song. Since the Junior Ensemble was founded it has grown rapidly and parents began to get their younger children started with private music lessons after seeing what the talented young musicians in the junior ensemble could do. After a year of lessons, a group of students aged 7-10 emerged and had reached a level at which they were ready to play in a group. There are some who believe that such young children are not ready to play in an orchestra, but since its conception the pre-junior ensemble has proven that ensemble playing knows no age limits. The orchestra has given these young students confidence and the opportunity to play in a group that can make beautiful music at their own level. The students have exhibited tremendous concentration and learned the value of discipline and hard work. This sort of early music education fosters creativity, instills a collaborative spirit, and a positive sense of self-worth. The pre-junior ensemble is meant to build a solid foundation that prepares these students very early on for the rigor and commitment of playing in more demanding orchestras and paves the way for future membership in the junior and senior ensembles. Having three orchestras of different ages and levels has made GTIYO a unique teaching organization with each orchestra mutually benefiting the other.